The Sad Decline of Human-Rights Justice Across the World

The crowd at the Jan 2017 women’s march on Washington DC protesting the new presidency of Donald Trump. The protest inspired similarly minded marches around the world. CREATIVE COMMONS
  • China is of the view that the human-rights cause should be promoted in line with each State’s social and economic development. China believes that as a social movement, human rights promotion should proceed in a gradual and incremental fashion. In principle, human right protection remains in relative terms for every country, subject to the level and degree of its development.
  • Second, while accepting universality and inseparability of human rights, China attaches importance to economic, social and cultural rights and the right to development in its human rights process. It shares the view that the essential task for most developed countries at this stage is first and foremost to pursue economic and social development. China accords precedence of economic and social rights over civil and political rights.
  • Third, China also emphasizes the correlation between the human rights cause and the rule of law. In promoting rights and freedoms China lays stress on duties and obligations of citizens under the rule of law.
  • Fourth, in promoting international protection of human rights, China advocates mutual respect, non-interference, non-confrontational and constructive dialogues. It opposes “the double standards practised against the developing world.”



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