In Lebanon: A Crisis on Top of a Crisis

UN-Scripted: behind the scenes at the UNSC where, as the world unites in response to the tragic explosion, members argue over the UN’s role in the country.

by Stéphanie Fillion & Kacie Candela.

As the world unites to help Lebanon recover from a blast that decimated parts of its capital on Aug. 4 and killed nearly 200 people, some powerful members of the Security Council in New York are divided over the mandate renewal of the UN’s peacekeeping mission in the country, UNIFIL.

In Episode 28, we talk to Ambassador Amal Mudallali, the ambassador of Lebanon to the UN (@LebanonUN), about her hopes for the relief effort and the future of her country. We also interview Karim Makdisi, a professor at American University of Beirut (AUB), who explains the dominating tensions between the US and France over the role of Unifil in Southern Lebanon.

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