Craving Ceviche and Other Delights During the UN General Assembly? A NYC Foodie Guide

The UN General Assembly Hall, packed with delegates from across the world’s nations. The diplomats all need to eat, but where, they may ask, in New York City? BASIL D. SONFI/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
Kalles Kaviar roe, or “caviar,” from Sweden that Ambassador Olof Skoog might eat for breakfast. He and Norway’s diplomat praise Aquavit restaurant as well for its Scandinavian food. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
Ambassador Meza-Cuadra likes tiradito, a cevichelike dish that reflects a Japanese influence in Peru. LOU STEJSKAL/FLICKR
Feijoada, a Brazilian stew of beans and pork, harks to the slavery era. STUART MUDIE/FLICKR
Dwaenjang jigae stew, a favorite of the South Korean ambassador, mixes tofu, seafood or meat in a soybean broth. He also said, nothing beats a New York steak, with corn on the cob. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
Cevapi, or sausages. Burek King in Clifton, N.J., the ambassador says, is the place for this Bosnian dish.
Jollof rice is just fine for Nigeria’s ambassador, Samson Itegboje. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
There’s nothing like kebab, says Ambassador Lodhi of Pakistan. JESS LANDER/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
  • Cafe Olympia, a Korean-owned “global eats” food hall with a deli, juice bar, hot and cold buffets and Korean and Japanese food stalls, is a block west from the Secretariat building, on Second Avenue between East 44th and 45th Streets.
  • Soba Totto, a Japanese “Kyoto-style” handmade soba and yakitori restaurant with great lunch specials, is a block and a half from the Secretariat, on East 43rd Street between Second and Third Avenues.
  • Naya, a Lebanese counter-service restaurant where you can order ahead with an app (recommended during the lunch rush), is on Third Avenue between East 43rd and 44th Streets.



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